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Send Enquiry. Welcome to Amatara Royal Ganesha. A hidden gem in the heart of Ubud, Amatara Royal Ganesha invites you to stay and experience the best of Bali right from the comfort of our hotel.

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Follow the garden path to find our lobby that is nestled in a beautiful Joglo house. Our friendly staff will greet you with a smile and make your stay memorable. Amatara Royal Ganesha has two restaurants offering authentic Balinese cuisines, as well as international treats to suits your likings. Meanwhile, our spa that is surrounded by enchanting gardens and pond, is designed to spoil you with natural ingredients and various relaxation treatments. The best feature of Amatara Royal Ganesha is the rooms that are spacious, comfortable and comes with a balcony that opens up to breathtaking views of the rice paddies and lush greeneries.

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Being surrounded by all these nature makes everything so much better, whether it is morning yoga by the pavilion, swimming or night jogging across the hotel area. Life is better at Amatara Royal Ganesha. Rooms Deluxe Room With all the facilities that Amatara Royal Ganesha provides, we want to ensure that the room is designed as simple and as com Details Book Now and Pay Later. Rooms Grand Deluxe Dominated with the color white and warm chocolate, the Grand Deluxe room is perfect for those who seek a comfortable room wit Rooms Suite Room Amatara Royal Ganesha reserves the best spot for their suite because it gets the best view right from the balcony and from th Facilities Bamboe Koening Restaurant.

Bamboe Koening Restaurant Just like its name, the B Facilities Tampak Siring Restaurant.

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Tampak Siring Restaurant Our hotel guest can en Facilities Swimming Pool. Facilities Kahyangan Spa. Kahyangan Spa Amatara Royal Ganesha is Thus what follows, is the rendering of a single, individual interpretation of the sacred Ganesh. Like all gods in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesh has a mythological origin. He is the son of Shiva and his consort Parvati, both of human form and yet he bears the head of an elephant. The reason for this closely follows his birth or more appropriately his creation.

He was not born to Parvati as mere mortal are. It is said that she was lonely. Shiva was away as was often the case. In her loneliness it appears she was given to neglect personal hygiene, or maybe it was an act of pure desperation and determination. She decided to create a child and did this by forming him, Ganesh, through moulding a substantial accumulation of her body dirt.

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And so Ganesh was born and Parvati was happy and occupied. The story goes that one day, while Parvati was having a bath, Shiva came home. When he attempted to enter the house though, he was met with resistance in the form of the boy Ganesh. Neither of them knew they were related.

It was at this moment that Parvati came out to find what Shiva had done.

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She was inconsolable but managed to tell Shiva that the boy whose head he had cut off was in fact his son. Angry and upset at the hash he had made of the situation, Shiva decided to fix it. That is how Ganesh has an elephant head. He is worshipped as the remover of obstacles. The reason I find the Ganesh deity an interesting object especially with regard to origin myths, is due to the close association between the Ganesh Festival and the state of Maharashtra in western India. The origin of this association can be traced back to the early days of the freedom struggle.

Tilak, initiated the Samajik Utsav public festival. The premise of this initiative was to use festivals as public forums in which to bring awareness and educate people about the freedom movement Chandra, Tilak was from Maharashtra and is essentially said to have chosen the Ganesh Festival because it was one that was widely, privately celebrated.

There are a series of rituals performed and on the tenth day the deity is immersed into the sea.


There is a big procession that takes place with much jubilation, where people come out in numbers carrying deities, sometimes as high as thirty feet to the sea. The materiality of this particular deity is an interesting one.

Prior to the festival, there are a number of clay Ganesh deities that crowd market places. While people may worship Ganesh deities made of wood, silver or gold at home, for this festival they will also worship one made of clay so that it may be immersed. Only those Ganesh deities that are ritually worshipped are immersed.

There then seems to be a level of inalienability that relates to the materiality of the deity itself. Aspects of this will be addressed in the sections that follow. There are two reasons for the practice of immersion, though I am not able to tell which one is more popular or more accurate. It is said that he is immersed in order to send him back home to Mount Kailash.