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For some reason, the Caribbean produces some of our favourite day-end spectacles. Mullins Bay was another one of our favourite spots to watch the sun kiss the sea in Barbados. After the sun was low in the sky, most of the families would go home, leaving us to enjoy the sunset alone on the sand. This sunset is from Xcalak, Mexico. Thanks to Heather from The Travel Type for sharing with us! This sunset is from Boracay in the Philippines. Thanks to Miriam from Adventurous Miriam for sharing this amazing shot. Grenada is most likely our favourite island in the world and we have spent nearly 2 years living here.

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We saw this sunset just the other night, and even though there were clouds in the way, I think they only added to the beauty. This sunset is from Cape Horn at the bottom of South America. Thanks to Elizabeth from CompassAndFork. This sunset is from our temporary home in Grenada. One minute the sky was normal, the next, it was painted with pink! This sunset is from the Nile River in Egypt. A big thanks to Carly of Carlys Adventures Afar for sharing this golden beauty with us! What an incredible shot.


This sunset is of the Atlas Mountains in Erfoud, Morocco. Thanks to Ron and Michele of Legging It for sharing this photo with us. This sunset is from Halong Bay, Vietnam. Thanks to our reader and fellow traveller, Kyle Birkett, for sharing this beautiful photo with us. You can tell that this sunset was taken at the last possible moment in the day. A big thank-you to Martin Kjellberg for sharing this incredible photo with us! Joy comes in sips, not gulps. This sunset is from Darwin, Australia. The theory is that sunsets are better in Darwin.

Joining a sunset boat ride on Lake Issyk-kul is one of the best things to do around Karakol.

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This area is mostly known for trekking, but once you come down from the mountains, make sure to enjoy the other activities on offer in this Kyrgyz town. Watch the sunrise.

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Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? We were inside getting dinner ready when I peaked out the window and saw the sky on fire! Nick quickly assembled the drone and we flew it high above the treetops to get this gorgeous shot. We rented a little scooter and found our own secluded spot for sunset each night. This golden beauty is from Tyre Beach in Lebanon.

Thanks for sharing this sunset with us. A kiss, a sunset, a dance, a joke. None will ever occur in quite the same way. Each happens only once in the history of the universe. Thank you to our reader and ultimate traveller, Helga Boom for sharing this sunset with us.

This one was caught on Santiago Bay. Or maybe into the sunrise — whatever appeals to you. Thanks to our Facebook fan and fellow traveller, Karen Chmilar, for sharing this golden beauty from Canada with us. Thank you to our reader, Dee Craig, for sharing this gorgeous sunset from Girvan, Scotland with us! We love how golden it is and how it reflects on the water. Emmet Walsh. After searching high and low for the perfect casita small home , we found it.

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Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, in the area of Paxanax, this was our view for a month. This is another stunning sunset photo from the island of Boracay in the Philippines. A huge thank-you to Vanessa Schoeck for sharing this stunning photo with us! The orange coloured sunsets from our favourite beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico are stunning. We watched the sun touch the water each night with an ice-cold Corona!

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We loaded up the cooler and our bags and made our way down to the beach in San Pancho for sunset on Christmas Eve. With a glass of wine in hand and a plate full of cheese and crackers, we bid farewell to the day as the sun lit up the sky. Thanks to Shikha for sharing this beauty with us.

The Malecon comes to life in the early evenings with tourists and locals gathering alike. But as the sun starts to set, the noise diminishes except for the sound of the vintage cars whizzing past and all eyes face these glorious sunsets.

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A big thanks to Vanessa Schoeck for sharing this beautiful sunset with us. This picture was taken in Canoa, a small beach town in Ecuador. C Cast. Each evening in San Pancho, Mexico San Francisco , everyone heads down to the beach to say goodbye to the day. Thanks to Tim Blight of Urban Duniya for sharing this beautiful photo with us. I had stumbled off the flight at 3am, and slept through until pm… I woke up, feeling depressed to be back, and frustrated that I was so jet lagged.

As the shadows grew longer, the sun set the sky alight, and I just had to get my camera and take this shot. We were on a boat that was cruising across the Bay of Banderas when the sky started to come to life! Part of the sky was still blue, while the other surrounding the sun changed to red, orange, and pink. Watching sunset is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta for sure.

This sunset is from Langkawi Island, Malaysia. We miss Malaysia! They have a great happy hour, beautiful beach for swimming and of course, a perfect spot for watching the sun set. We love watching the sun dip into the water with a glass of red wine in our hands. This is a stunning sunset photo over the rice paddies of Punjab. Thanks to Evelise Jolysimoes, a reader of ours, for sharing this gorgeous rice paddy sunset.

The contrast there is unforgettable, with giant skyscrapers glistening in the background of broken down dwellings in the kampungs residential villages with trash-filled waterways. Keeping up with the contrast, a storm raged through the city and just before sunset it suddenly stopped. The call to prayer came over the loudspeakers throughout the city, as the sun came out for one last brilliant glimpse until it faded into night.

This picture was taken on the rooftop terrace of our guesthouse in a kampung just outside of central Jakarta. Thanks to Katie of From Shores to Skylines for sharing this photo with us. U Bein Bridge has evolved from just a necessary path for locals to a must-see for all travellers. Watching sunset from U Bein is so much more than that; monks stroll around draped in their deep red and orange robes, silhouettes of monks riding their bikes are visible all around, the fishermen and their boats slowly move through the lake. This picture wraps up what I love about Myanmar; the natural, untouched beauty which is prevalent throughout the whole country combined with the soft and gentle nature of the locals.

Anywhere you go on the beach you can get an amazing view of the sun going down and it never disappoints. Special thanks to Tim Blight of Urban Duniya for submitting this photo. Data Ganj Baksh was a preacher and scholar from Persia who lived in Lahore in the eleventh century.

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He is said to have contributed to the spread of Islam in the subcontinent, and his shrine is now one of the most frequented in Pakistan. I visited late in the afternoon with a close friend of mine, and as we entered the main gate I caught this beautiful view of the sun setting over the shrine. I just returned to New York City, my favorite city in the world, which also happens to have some of the best sunsets in the world! The views at sunset are magnificent as you can see almost the entire length of the Manhattan skyline while the sky changes its color slowly from blue to purple to pink and finally bright orange.

This is a spot where you find barely any tourists, and you can bring a picnic! I love picking up some fresh food from one of the bakeries in Williamsburg and the divine cheese shop on Bedford Avenue and dine al fresco while watching the sun disappear behind the skyscrapers.

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A better known sunset spot in New York is the Brooklyn Heights promenade just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, which has stunning sunset vistas over the southern end of Manhattan. Grenada is actually comprised of three islands; Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We decided to do some island hopping for my 30th birthday celebration and Carriacou was the first stop! The beaches here are gorgeous, the buildings are colourful and the people are warm and friendly. We enjoyed this sunset from one of the beachside restaurants during our first night on the island. Puerto Escondido, Mexico, referred to in the surf community as the Mexican pipeline, has a beach that stretches for miles from the Centro towards La Punta.