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Joe Tasker. I could never again maintain that I was caught up in this game unwillingly. I knew now what I wanted to do. Willingly would I accept the hardship and fear, the discipline and the sacrifices, if only I could be given back the chance to climb that mountain. He is there with Dick Renshaw to attempt to make a two-man ascent of the Peak - one of the first true Alpine-style expeditions to the Greater Ranges; an attempt that forms part of this tale of adventure in the savage vertical arena of hostile mountains.

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Joe Tasker was one of Britain's foremost mountaineers. A pioneer of lightweight mountaineering and a superbly gifted writer, in Savage Arena he vividly describes his participation in the first British winter ascent of the North Face of the Eiger; his first ascent of the West Wall of Changabang with Peter Boardman - considered to be a preposterous plan by the established climbing world; the first ascent of the North Ridge of Kangchenjunga; and his two unsuccessful attempts to climb K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

This is a story of single-minded determination, strength and courage in a pursuit which owes much of its value and compulsion to the risks entailed - risks which often stimulate superlative performances. It is also a story of the stresses, strains and tensions of living in constant anxiety, often with only one other person, for long periods in which one is never far from moments of terror, and of the close and vital human relationships which spring from those circumstances.

It is a moving, exciting and inspirational book about the adventuring spirit which seeks endless new climbing challenges to face, alluring problems to solve and difficulties to overcome, for it is not reaching the summit which is important, but the journey to it. Joe Tasker and Peter Boardman died on Everest in , while attempting a new and unclimbed line. Both men were superb mountaineers and talented writers. Tasker's first book, Everest the Cruel Way, was first published in Savage Arena, his second book, was completed just before he left for Everest.

Both books have become mountaineering classi. The literary legacy of Tasker and Boardman lives on through the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature, established by family and friends in and presented annually to the author or co-authors of an original work which has made an outstanding contribution to mountain literature. For more information about the Boardman Tasker Prize, visit: www. Alan Hinkes.

In this stunning large-format book, British mountaineer Alan Hinkes describes for the first time in one place his experiences of climbing all 14 of the peaks over m: the world's highest mountains, in the Himalaya and Karakoram. While the photographs - despite being taken in impossible conditions - capture the beauty and majesty of the mountain landscapes of the roof of the world, the text describes the minute-by-minute struggle to survive in 'the death zone', let alone climb to the summits, often solo and in roaring winds and Arctic temperatures.

As well as reflecting on the Yorkshire childhood and first Alpine ascents that got him to his first m summit attempt, and the life that he has led and plans to lead since becoming the first Briton to reach all the ers, Alan recalls the climbing companions he met along the way, several of whom have died in their beloved mountains, the trek-ins, the base camps, the setbacks and the triumphs.

A book to challenge and inspire mountain-lovers everywhere. Conrad Anker. This is the adventure story of the year -- how Conrad Anker found the body of George Mallory on Mount Everest, casting an entirely new light on the mystery of the explorer who may have conquered Everest seventy-five years ago. Clouds soon closed around them, and they vanished into history.

Ever since, mountaineers have wondered whether they reached the summit twenty-nine years before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. On May 1, , Conrad Anker, one of the world's strongest mountaineers, discovered Mallory's body lying facedown, frozen into the scree and naturally mummified at 27, feet on Everest's north face.

Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich

The condition of the body, as well as the artifacts found with Mallory, including goggles, an altimeter, and a carefully wrapped bundle of personal letters, are important clues in determining his fate. Seventeen days later, Anker free-climbed the Second Step, a foot sheer cliff that is the single hardest obstacle on the north ridge.

The first expedition known to have conquered the Second Step, a Chinese team in , had tied a ladder to the cliff, leaving unanswered the question of whether Mallory could have climbed it in Anker's climb was the first test since Mallory's of the cliff's true difficulty. Reflecting on the climb, Anker explains why he thinks Mallory and Irvine failed to make the summit, but at the same time, he expresses his awe at Mallory's achievement with the primitive equipment of the time.

Stunningly handsome and charismatic, Mallory charmed everyone who met him during his lifetime and continues to fascinate mountaineers today. He was an able writer, a favorite of the Bloomsbury circle, and a climber of legendary gracefulness. The Lost Explorer is the remarkable story of this extraordinarily talented man and of the equally talented modern climber who spearheaded a discovery that may ultimately help solve the mystery of Mallory's disappearance.

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Flame Of Adventure. Simon Yates. Simon Yates, author of Against the Wall, takes us back to his early years as a climber - the escapades and excitement of a young life lived on the edge and for the moment, when experience was all-important and dramatic achievements and failures came as naturally as the hair-raising risks themselves. Tommy Caldwell. This engrossing memoir chronicles the journey of a boy with a fanatical mountain-guide father who was determined to instill toughness in his son to a teen whose obsessive nature drove him to the top of the sport-climbing circuit.

But his evolution as a climber was not without challenges; in his early twenties, he was held hostage by militants in a harrowing ordeal in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Soon after, he lost his left index finger in an accident. Later his wife, and main climbing partner, left him. Caldwell emerged from these hardships with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

This epic assault took more than seven years, during which time Caldwell redefined the sport, found love again, and became a father. The Push is an arresting story of focus, drive, motivation, endurance, and transformation, a book that will appeal to anyone seeking to overcome fear and doubt, cultivate perseverance, turn failure into growth, and find connection with family and with the natural world.

Steve House. National Champions and World Cup Nordic Skiers, translate training theory into practice to allow you to coach yourself to any mountaineering goal. Applying training practices from other endurance sports, House and Johnston demonstrate that following a carefully designed regimen is as effective for alpinism as it is for any other endurance sport and leads to better performance. They deliver detailed instruction on how to plan and execute training tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you work as a banker or a mountain guide, live in the city or the country, are an ice climber, a mountaineer heading to Denali, or a veteran of 8,meter peaks, your understanding of how to achieve your goals grows exponentially as you work with this book. Chapters cover endurance and strength training theory and methodology, application and planning, nutrition, altitude, mental fitness, and assessing your goals and your strengths.

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Filled with photos, graphs, and illustrations. Against The Wall. By Armstrong, Fiona. Tasty recipes with a Scottish flavour to make with and for children. There are handy hints and tips on how to begin and on what equipment will be needed, and each recipe has step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions, a history of the recipe and a notes section for your own scribb Add to Basket. By Cracknell, Linda.

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The stories here begin with experiences of childhood and take the reader on a journey leading, inevitably, to old age. The author has chosen one event from each of the last years of Scottish history ranging from the serious to the humorous to create an almanac for the year The pocket-sized souvenir is illustrated by cartoonist Rupert Besley. This saga spans three generations on the Isle of Lewis and has at its heart the story of the sinking of the Iolaire in The ship was bringing troops back from World War I and sank on its entry to Stornoway Harbour, with most on board perishing having survived a war.

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    By Williamson, Graeme. With the help of his crippled Uncle Melibee - musician, sceptic and mystic - two lovers and a vivid cast of characters from both sides of the Atlantic, Martin Murdoch searches for reconciliation after a shocking act of betrayal precipitates a break with the past.

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    A something breaks up with his girlfriend at a party in Glasgow and sets out on the mile walk home to East Kilbride. On the way, he amuses himself by composing imaginary letters to his estranged family in between buying drugs, crashing parties, being stabbed and l By Falla, Jonathan. In s' Tibet, Puton, a young crippled woman viewed as an omen of bad luck by villagers, meets a stranger - Jamie, a young Scot.

    Both are lonely and isolated, and as their attraction grows, Communist China invades Tibet.

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    The villagers must flee to safety, led by Jamie and a Bud His experiences are at the heart of this book which finally gives visitors the answers they have always wanted. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. Title Author. Refine By.